About Lightning Fast Ltd.

A social enterprise that creates integrated performance: Mind and body. 

To help teams and individuals attain peak performance.

We help you define what success looks like, and we focus on:
- individual health, wellbeing and personal development,
- group leadership
- CSR & community programs

What's stopping you?

Company Overview: 

We believe individuals perform at their best when they are happy and healthy, and focussed on their passion.

We believe in business with a soul. We spend time with individuals, businesses and communities building tailor made plans to help them perform.

We use and deliver industry proven, best in class methods for
- Health, fitness, movement and well-being
- Leadership, teamwork, coaching & skills based development

We spend our time fostering the idea that ethics and business performance (and so profit) go hand in hand.

We don't reinvent the wheel. We believe in people.

Our tailored business and community programs help bring the right people together.

Lightning Fast is a social enterprise. That means that 100% of our net profits go to the social cause we are dedicated to.

Our cause? The development of young leaders, aged 16-26 (and sometimes older). See www.lightningfast.org or Facebook.com/lightningfastfoundation for more on that story. We give them time and cash because we believe.

The Foundation's motto is "because the world doesn't need another charity" ...the world needs people who have come alive, and then for those people to get involved with their chosen causes and charities.

We kind of like that...

We are passionate about nurturing organic, sustainable growth, with a focus on local community and lowering environmental impact. We are committed to supplying quality products and services that are ethically and fairly sourced.

Our Values: 

Live F.A.S.T. :
- Focus
- Attitude
- Speed (start slow and measured in order to go fast)
- Timing (critically, this also means balance)

How do we do what we do? 

1) Corporate & Individual Performance:
- Create solutions for personal and team performance both from a physiological and psychological perspective.
- Deliver customised training programs for corporations, communities and organisations
- Develop tailored mentorship programs within organisations to maximise performance
- Work with you to drive CSR/social causes (YOUR CAUSE, not just our own)
- Partner with people and organisations that believe in defining and achieving their own success, while making a difference.

2) Focus on our Social Cause:
- We believe the next generation of leaders need chances to step-up and make a difference... which means they need opportunity
- We work with the Lightning Fast Foundation to provide unique business opportunities for the next generation of leaders to develop their business skills, based on micro-finance principles

- See Facebook.com/lightningfastfoundation for more on this story!