Health & Well-being

Get close to the heart of your transformation:

Understand physiological and psychological stressors (good and bad)

Relate these to workplace, environment & work-life balance

Consider how to maintain commitment towards achieving targets

Prepared an action plan for implementing your own health plan

- Testing
Static evaluation - posture, mobility, length/tension relationships

Dynamic evaluation - Movement screening

Body composition - individual, confidential assessments

Optional 'stage 2' advanced evaluation

- Workstation
Ergonomic evaluation

- Body
Holistic health report and individual action steps (tangible health and goal setting markers)
Personalised nutritional programme & ongoing coaching
Personalised exercise & wellbeing programme & ongoing coaching

- Ongoing Remote consultation

DISCLAIMER: The health and fitness plans are delivered using a a consultative approach, and require in person assessments prior to delivery. Lightning Fast expects each individual to exercise personal discretion and our plans are not a substitute for medical advice. We reserve the right to refuse or withdraw coaching without prejudice, for any reason and at our sole discretion

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