Corporate programs

We specialise in corporate programs built to enhance the performance of individuals across the company, and as a whole will improve and maintain the health and culture of the company.

We work with individuals, teams and organisations to grow from the inside out by
- focussing on strategic and tactical outcomes built around core values
- cultivating and applying relational awareness and understanding leading to action

Successful organisations recognise the link between people development and sustainable business results. We bring a broad and deep set of experiences and work with entrepreneurs and startups, government organisations and blue chip organisations. Our team specialise in areas like business and sales operations, wellbeing and NGO’s.

The Lightning Fast program will be custom tailored to your business and takes an embodied approach to leadership.  Health and well-being are taken into account as well as measuring physiological stressors. Our programs enhance company performance, and enable every staff member to take ownership their decisions, for the benefit of themselves, their teams and the business. 

By raising awareness and personal accountability, you can drive measurable change and shape a unique, sustainable performance culture for your business.  We believe this should be repeatable and integrated.

The programs are designed and built on decades of research and field results of how individuals & teams perform physiologically and psychologically. The Lightning Fast program provides tools to assess and improve your team of world-class individuals on a physical, mental and psychological level.

The program is designed to deliver company-wide results, but generally starts with one team or line of business and is extended out to the rest of the company from there.